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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Post #111: Christmas is... Snow!


Jakob said...

So I'm really curious how you got that song have yourself a merry little christmas. I think it's awesome, but that's not Kelly Latimore. Kelly is a good friend of mine who was one of many on a Christmas record that me and my wife did a couple years ago. That's my wife singing and me playing guitar. Not that it matters I was just searching for some of Kelly's music and then heard my wife's voice, so I was a little surprised. Well that's cool, thanks for posting it.

-Jakob lewis

Eliza K. said...

hey there! Unfortunately I can't remember where I found the song (the post is dated 2008 and my song-downloading memory has trouble going that far back :) ) Thanks for not minding about the use of the song and letting us know about the honest mistake - which we'll fix right away. Hope you enjoyed the holidays and have an awesome 2010!