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Saturday, September 13, 2008

I woke up this morning with boy-girl harmonies in my head

Photo by datahbi

Entire Cities - Coffee
First song on the list an indie countryish gem...I mean a country indiepopish...uhm that is...an indie-folk road-type... well nevermind. In their own words: "My personal contribution to the ol' pigeonhole is 'psychedelic cow punk'; I'm not really worried about it though because I've tried to define the music myself and failed miserably. If I don't know what it is, then how the f*** is anyone else gonna know?" Check out their myspace for more songs.

Orouni ft. Mlie - Open It In May
Moving on, french pop band Orouni have got a new album and boy is it good! The same sweet French voices that made us love them in the first place are there, plus some really catchy melodies so what else is there to want? We've posted another song of theirs a while ago (that was recently featured on Said the Gramophone) and now we're back with more.

The Deer Tracks - Slow Collision
And last but not least we have The Deer Tracks. We're getting tons of songs and band recommendations e-mailed to us so we try our best to listen to them all. It's not that often that we find something as good as this, though. Beautiful.

BONUS: We got a request for more Watercolor Paintings songs, so here you have an album that I received last time I posted about them (Steven R. M. or Dora K. - can't remember which, thanks). It'll only be available for a short period of time so do yourself a favour and download it!


richard said...

great bna thoose The Deer Tracks!

Eliza K. said...

yes, methinks so too :) Would've posted more but you can find other songs on Hype Machine anyway.