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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

3 Things Music Today Could and Should do Without

 A seemingly endless amount of remixes

While they used to just be an interesting bonus on a purchased CD single, now they fill, cram and clog the internet (have you seen the Hype Machine lately?). It seems no self-respecting single gets released these days without having a Soulwax, Mstrkrft, Tom Campesinos!, Rihanna's Gardener, the drummer from Editors, and that super rare Ducks Duck and Fucks remix of their latest single.
Problem is, what happens to the song? You know, the actual song. That thing the artist wrote in the mddle of the night, the tune that came to him when his girlfriend left him for his best friend’s sister. That (supposed) piece of art
It’s hard to see where Soulwax et al come into play there, no? My point is that it more often than not distracts, takes away from the original, and serves no real artistic purpose. There are of course the occasional successful* remixes, ones that truly add something to the song. These are unfortunately few and far between, and tend to get lost in the murky depths of mediocrity.
Enough already.

*Fuck Buttons - Sweet love for Planet Earth (Andrew Weatherall remix) (Big thanks to Just Press Play for that!)

Band DJ sets
 Seriously, what's the point? Musicians are musicians and DJs are DJs. Let's please just keep it that way. It's like the local butcher making a special appearance slicing bread at the bakery (with attendees whispering among themselves "that he really is better as a butcher, but still pretty cute"). 
. These 'events' usually just end up with a group of rabid fans (clutching posters and cd singles), hipsters and groupies standing around awkwardly in a clothing store or club, bobbing their heads to that Gang of Four song you hear every week at your local indie club anyway.
Recently they've even started popping up at festivals. So you see your favourite band's name on the bill, only to be disappointed when you see 'dj set' in small letters underneath
Please stop it.

Or to use another word: FILLER. 
"How many album tracks do we have so far, guys? Hmmm, hey, how about that demo we haven't bothered adding vocals to yet because it's already extremely boring? Why don't we just add that and be done with it!"
Some bands even release entire instrumental albums (e.g. Beastie Boys, Peter, Bjorn and John). I don't mean bands that make (almost) exclusively instrumental music (Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky et al). I mean bands who usually use lyrics, purposely opting to refrain from using them. Nobody buys them, nobody likes them, nobody asks for them at gigs and nobody burns them on mixtapes for friends. Please stop making them.

"You suck!"
Lederhosen Lucil - You Suck

Lil Wayne - Don't get it
"You're never gonna get ahead givin' head to the man! God knows I've tried..."
Bobby Conn - Never get ahead

"Only once is enough to remind you forever" Awful/briliant FM 80s pop

The President - Only once is enough 

The Streets - Don't Mug Yourself

Hot Chip - Over and Over (Original)


Will said...

Good post. I have definitely noticed the mp3 sites being over flowing with these remixes. Some are great but most of them just seem unnecessary to me.

I don't agree completely with the instrumental aspect though. Some instrumentals like the Arctic Monkeys 'Chun Li's Spinning Bird Kick' show another side of the band.

I do see where you are coming from though. A lot of filler these days, but then again that is the blog area huh?

Lili Chou said...

thanks for writing about this issue. this is so true.

rachel, said...

and you suck by lederhosen lucil
thanks for posting it,

Ive been looking for it EVERYWHERE
but its not on youtube, not on limewire, and I dont ave itunes.

mmrules said...

I agree 100%..
I hate remixes !
Write your own songs,Morons !
Thanks for letting me vent..
Good post..Thanks.. :)