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Sunday, February 14, 2010

From the depths of my external hard drive: Valentine's Day Edition

For this year's Valentine's Day, we're time-travelling back to the 60s, folks. Enjoy!

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What would I do if I could have these songs dedicated to me today, but 10000 miles away someone else would fall off a bike and die ? Hmmm... 


(songs you should dedicate to someone today)


Give me my f**king songs back!


(songs you can no longer dedicate to anyone because they will be forever associated with that b***h/that bastard) 


p.s. the reason we haven't been very chatty lately is that we're working on moving the blog to our own domain, something I assume many blogs will be doing after the Blogger Scare of the past days. Worry not! We shall return mightier and awesomer* than ever.


*disclaimer: not a word; do not use in academical writing.