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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Commenting on this post is mandatory if you happen to be Japanese.

I'd like to introduce [clapclapclap] Akiko Hijichi - a person I know nothing about. I can only hope you will love the works of this talented artist as much as I do! (see how craftily I've avoided specifying gender there? If anyone here speaks Japanese or is familiar with Japanese names please let me know if that's a masculine or feminine one, please. Thanks. This is embarrassing.)


Hot from my inbox:

The e-mail said:
”Mayday Revisited is a one-off single from Swedish music producer Mojib (Staffan Ulmert). The track reconstructs the song ”May day” released in 2007 by UNKLE featuring The Duke Spirit. Using the vocals of Liela Moss the track is being mashed together with lo-fi indie act The Radio dept. Mojib then adds his own piano and acapella melodies."


Marcus said...

So... according to a Japanese friend, Akiko is a Female, artist.

Eliza K. said...

I thought there was a certain indescribable feminine quality about it I can't quite put my finger on - I was gonna say the use of colours but it's more than that. Thanks!

Lanes said...

Akiko is a She.
Awesome art! Never heard about her but I'll dig around and let you know if I find more pictures.