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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Asobi Seksu Live at Olympia Studios

If you were expecting more playful showgaze from Asobi Seksu, you might be disappointed because this is an album of softly sung words, acoustic guitars and toy pianos. If you were expecting new tunes, again you'll be out of luck, because this is all about remastered stripped down versions of their old songs. If you were only expecting some beautiful music though, then you'll probably find that this will do.

Thursday (Live at Olympia Studios)
Suzanne (Live at Olympia Studios)

I also wanted to mention that...
Seabear are set to release their sophomore album, We Built a Fire in March. I know, that's not very soon, is it? The good news is you can already listen to the whole thing here.

And one last thing...
We haven't been posting very much lately. Sorry about that. We have two good excuses, though. One, we're busy with Primavera Club. And two, Steven and I are both working very hard on compiling our best albums of the decade and best songs of 2009 lists, respectively.
Patience, grasshopper.