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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Magnetic Fields Announce New Album!

As regular readers of Letters have no Arms will surely already be (perhaps excessively) aware of, we here are rather big fans of The Magnetic Fields. You can imagine therefore our unbridled glee (yes, glee!) (and yes, unbridled!) upon reading today's news: The Magnetic Fields are set to release a new album, titled, Realism, on January 26th!


01 You Must Be Out of Your Mind
02 Interlude
03 We Are Having a Hootenanny
04 I Don't Know What to Say
05 The Dolls' Tea Party
06 Everything Is One Big Christmas Tree
07 Walk a Lonely Road
08 Always Already Gone
09 Seduced and Abandoned
10 Better Things
11 Painted Flower
12 The Dada Polka
13 From a Sinking Boat

As for what it might sound like, we can perhaps look back to an interview Stephin Merritt gave to the Village Voice in October of last year:

Q: Are you inclined to unveil the direction of the new material?
A: Well, it will be the third record of the 'no-synth' trilogy. So I'm willing to unveil that it isn't an electro-pop album. 

 (Dare we hope for a tour?)
The Magnetic Fields - Long-forgotten Fairytale
!!! - Take Ecstacy With Me (The Magnetic Fields cover)

!!UPDATE!! (from The House of Tomorrow official site):

"The Magnetic Fields' new album, "Realism," will be released on Nonesuch Records on January 26, 2010. Swerving from the unrelenting feedback pop of "Distortion," this record explores the various genres under the umbrella of folk. Stephin says, "I thought of the two records as a pair, and I initially wanted them to be called 'True' and 'False.' But I couldn't decide which I wanted to be called 'True' and which I wanted to be called 'False.'" The band will be touring in 2010"