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Monday, October 19, 2009

From the depths of my external hard drive: Patience & Prudence

from Wikipedia: "Patience and Prudence (last name McIntyre, but not used professionally) were two sisters who were a young singing act in the 1950s. Their father, Mark McIntyre, was an orchestra leader, pianist, and songwriter, who accompanied Frank Sinatra on piano during the 1940s. In the summer of 1956, he brought his daughters, 11-year-old Prudence and 14-year-old Patience, into the Liberty Records studio in Los Angeles, California. They made a demonstration recording of the song "Tonight You Belong to Me," which had been a hit for Gene Austin in 1927, and was written by Billy Rose and Lee David. Not only did Liberty sign them, but it immediately released a recording of the girls singing the song as a commercial single, (with the B-side, "A Smile and a Ribbon," a composition with music by Mark McIntyre) and by September the song reached #4 on the Billboard charts and #28 in the UK Singles Chart, and was the biggest selling record put out by Liberty for two years. It sold over one million copies and reached gold record status."


Daniel! said...

Oh my god - "Smile and a Ribbon" may just be perfect! Thank you!

Jen said...

Awww - "A smile and a ribbon" was used in the soundtrack to Ghostworld! (I was so obsessed with that film, aged 17.)

And for some reason reminds me of "Civilisation" sung by Louis Prima - maybe because it was on the soundtrack for Adrian Lyne's Lolita and hence the cute little girl link?

Eliza K. said...

Indeed, "A Smile and a Ribbon" is my favourite of the two as well. Weird how it is "Tonight You Belong to Me" that is the a-side of the single and the hit-song. Maybe because it's a cover so people were already familiar with it?