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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The week I became an Uber Alien

It started innocently enough. I was on Facebook. Something like '3 of your friends have played Music Challenge. Play?' popped up in my newsfeed. Ah, sounds like fun, I thought. I could use a little break. I like music. I like games. Hell, I even like some of my friends.
So I clicked

Yay, good fun! Michael Jackson passed by. So did Men at Work. And Foo Fighters and the Spice Girls. The Scorpions too. I got most of the questions right. I felt pleased. I, Music Challenge told me, had achieved 'Robot' status. "Sounds good!", I thought to myself. Then I glanced over to the bottom of the application, and saw my friends. Sitting there peacefully with their little pixel faces, smiling up at me. I smiled back at them, feeling a general sense of well-being and calm.

Those few minutes had been a pleasant distraction from the project I was working on. Good fun. But now, back to wo.... BUT WAIT A MINUTE! HANG ON! THEY HAVE SCORES! And some are HIGHER than mine! But this can't be! THIS I couldn't let be. This was just too much to bear. If I tolerate this, (surely) my children will be next! A line in the sand. Draw! To be drawn! Draw I must.

So I took the quiz again. And again. And again after that. etc

And finally, after maybe half a dozen tries, I was KING! Uber Alien! (Music Challenge's words...) Ruler of all things Music Challenge. Top Dog. My friends were below me - literally - with sad pathetic little scores, looking just a little more pixellated than before. "I wonder why they even try" I exclaimed to an empty room, feeling pretty damn good about myself. Several blissful hours passed me by. Granted, the initial feeling of sheer triumph and greatness decreased somewhat over those hours, but still I felt special. My day might have sucked, but at least I was king of Music Challenge.

Until I got a notification a few hours later. Someone had passed my score! The cruel, unfeeling, bastards!

Ah, the gauntlet had been thrown but I gracefully bent down, picked it up and dusted it off, accepting the challenge. I simply kept playing. And yes, I beat them.

Until I got a notification.

This has since continued over the past few days. All the way up to this morning in fact. It's 10:59 on Wednesday 30 September 2009, and I'm still king.