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Monday, September 28, 2009

From the depths of my external hard drive: Huggable Dust

We usually reserve this section ("From the depths...") to individual songs. This time it's an album. An album I somehow managed to completely ignore in 2008 but that I now can't get enough of. An album that I came across while randomly shuffling through my library - which fact, of course, proves once and for all that the Universe loves me. Okay's "Huggable Dust":

For fans of: Elephant Parade, Tinyfolk, The Robot Ate Me (musically not lyrically), Dilute, Little Wings, Thanksgiving, lo-fi folky stuff.

The wonderful pictures were taken by Chrissie White.


madeleine said...

i love that drowsy summery folky feel (because i need to convince myself that summer will come to sydney, it will) that Okay have -its like picnics and full skirts and all that.

I think my problem with The Crimson Petal and The White was that I wanted to follow Sugar at the end and had sort of had enough of William being...William. I read it after reading your review and agreed with you about practically everything else though, and thought that the writing and concept was what post modernism is supposed to be. I've got The Apple on order from my uni library, (and I'm trying to convince them that I need them to find/buy me that Austen book.)
Are you enjoying The Master and Margarita? Its one of my favourites.
(Forgive the long comment, but I was also wondering if you'd read "Misfortune" by Wesley Stace - nobody I know has and I'm sort of desperate to talk it over with someone.)