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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lacrosse dispersing bandages for your hearts

Lacrosse's "This New Year Will Be for You and Me" was one of my very favourite albums of 2007. Catchy, sweet, melodic, heartbreakingly touching when it needed to be and overwhelmingly happy in all the right places - the album was the nearest to pop perfection anyone got that year. Their new album, titled "Bandages for the Heart" has all those ingredients, but unfortunately in smaller doses. The band doesn't experiment too much with new sounds and essentially try to replicate what they did on TNYWBFYAM (that's a mouthful!). For some reason, on both discs they seem to combine all their most atractive qualities together in the final song. You hear "What's Wrong With Love"and you have the best of what Lacrosse have to offer on Bandages. But it must be said that "What's Wrong With Love", the last and best song on this album, is nowhere near as good as "This New Year Will Be for You and Me", the last and best track on the previous one. The fact is that  not only the songs are not catchy enough to get in your head and stay there but they also lack the freshness of the older ones. Of course, perhaps it's not really fair to compare the record to my favourite pop record of 2007. Relatively speaking, this is still a solid effort from Lacrosse and a damn good listen for the summer. Enjoy!
(This New Year Will Be for You and Me, 2007)
(Bandages for the Heart, 2009)
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