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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Don't Judge a Song by its Cover!

"This happened on the fourth day. The fish, all 1,200 of them who were journeying overland in that famous journey you have read about, were pulled over by a police officer driving a motorcycle. He stopped all the fish, who were walking in a line approximately three miles long. He asked to see identification, and only a few of the fishes had their wallets with them. He asked where the fishes were going, and they said, "Overland." ... " 
  [to be continued here*]

I found the Josh Reichmann cover in my inbox a few days ago and realized  Letters have no Arms has been conspicuously lacking in the cover department in recent months. Here's a nice little selection for your listening pleasure:
Klaxons (Gentlemen Drivers Remix Ft. Soko) - Not over yet (Grace)
Josh Reichmann - Daniel (Bat for Lashes)
Anamanaguchi - So Bored (Wavves)
Jens Jekman - You can call me Al (Paul Simon)
Evan Dando - Knowing Me Knowing You (Abba)


Liz said...

The Jens/Paul Simon cover is beyond delightful. Heart it to the blue, blue sky.