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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yep, Beck actually used to be pretty damn cool

"there's nobody
there's no mountain
there's no tunnel
you can't get from there to here"
"roll out your silver-dollar coffins
pull out your buckskin gloves
tell them anything you want to
the sound comes from above

don't let it get near you
don't let it get too close
don't let it turn you into
the things you hate the most"
Beck - Forcefield

" definitely this is the wrong place to be
there's blood on the futon
there's a kid drinking fire
going down to the sea
they got people to meet
shaking hands with themselves
looking out for themselves"
Buy the deluxe reissue of Beck's 1994 album, One Foot in the Grave here.


wkwkwk said...

yes yes yes!