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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

LhnA introduces: "From the Depths (of my External Hard Drive)"

 Do you remember that show they used to have on MTV, where the presenter would suddenly get up -mid-show- and walk all the way through the MTV studios, downstairs to what they would call 'the vault'? He or she would go down there to get a long-forgotten, yet loved video (an actual TAPE!). Remember the excitement (or at the very least the mild interested as to what he/she might come up with) you felt when they climbed down the stairs, opened a number of important looking doors, usually greeting some confused looking technicians on the way? 
Well, in honour of just that feeling, Letters have no Arms presents a new, weekly section, titled:
Every week, Letters have no Arms will delve deep into its own 'vaults' to find something truly special.  

 [Disclaimer: From the Depths (of my External Hard Drive) is in no way, shape or form determined by relevance or even good taste.]


ChrisNoise said...

Not quite the same sense of mystery and adventure as the vault but a quality track nonetheless.

And yes I remember that show...

Lope de Aguirre said...

I can't dance.