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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I want to slap your face/I want to paint your nails/I want to make you scream/I want to braid your hair/I want to tell you lies/ I want to write you books/I want to scratch your cheeks

As anyone who has ever used Google (or any search engine for that matter) already knows, it's practically impossible to do a search for anything (from thimble to sock puppet, from hamster to earplug) without bumping into a. Porn, or b. Something ridiculous and/or funny. I found a rather nice combination of both the other day, added some music and voila, here you go, Letters have no Arms is pleased to present its very own video for Of Montreal's Gallery Piece.

Hope you enjoy it.

p.s. if Frank, Of Montreal's US publicist, happens to see this, we're still wondering when we can expect to receive that CD you promised us many months ago... ;-)


MilitaryRaiden said...

I really think that , from the way her breasts are bouncing they must be CG - not even plastic surgery or hydraulic pumps can maintain such rhythm...
And there is a hidden Islamic message somewhere.
Which has been put there by the Jews.
On purpose.

Steven B. said...

Nah, that bounce bounce is real. It kinda goes like 'bounce bum bum bounce ee ee bum bum bounce swish swish'

CG could never do that.

The hidden message is in the pool, in the background. She's just a stooge, a bouncing stooge.