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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Union of Knives


You may well remember Glasgow based Union of Knives from their 2006 album Violence & Birdsong, which contained one of my favourite songs of that year, Evil Has Never. Their sound? Uhm, how about this: Thom Yorke replaces Ben Gibbard in The Postal Service, gets dumped by his girlfriend, develops a rather unpleasant prescription drug habit and gets into bad fights with Jimmy Tamborello. Great music ensues.
Here's a taster from the upcoming album they recently completed during a two month recording session in and around LA with Atticus Ross (NIN).
Union of Knives - We are all doing Drugs
Union of Knives - I Decline
Union of Knives - Evil Has Never
They have a few brilliant promotional videos up on their site, 
though if the following descriptions in any way offend you, I suggest perhaps not clicking
"Two girls slapping each other very hard in a hotel room. Hundreds of naked Japanese couples having sex at the same time."
Chances are these videos won't be played on MTV any time soon.