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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some Top Fives. Just Because.

*this post is dedicated to the inimitable Jason Sho Green, in the hope that he won't one day sue us for having used so many of his illustrations on our blog*

Top five songs I've had on repeat the past week:

1. Dark Dark Dark - Dig a Grave (more Beirutesque than the new Beirut)
2. Julie Doiron - Consolation Prize
(this is just wonderful, I'm truly in love with it)
3. Matt & Kim - Lessons Learned (doing wonders for my morning moods)
The National - So Far Around the Bend (best song received in a mail in a long time)
5. Cymbals Eat Guitars - Wind Phoenix (thanks Music for Ants)

(presently not including anything Animal Collective. I'm still processing the album. So far, my favorite is In the Flowers.)

Top five albums that I'm really looking forward to hearing:

1. Emmy the Great
2. The Decemberists
3. Architecture in Helsinki
4. Slow Club
5. PJ Harvey (with John Parish)

Top five websites we've been spending time on:
1. Librarything
2. IndieBlips
3. Jason Sho Green
4. Mii Characters
5. Bookmooch


Anonymous said...

Isn't it kind of bad karma to post a charity song?

Eliza K. said...

which one is a charity song?

Eliza K. said...

ok I just saw that the song by THe National is on a charity cd against AIDS. Removed. But cut us some slack - we have lives, we don't have time to do research on song we post.

Steven B. said...

Plus the whole idea of posting songs to begin with is for promotional purposes. We like something and want others to seek it out and buy it. The same applies to anything we post, so, given that it's a charity record, that would surely only be a good thing, no?

i.e. hey people, go out and buy this great charity album! (which you should!)