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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's all relative

pic by RaQua  
So, last week Guns n' Roses (AKA Axl Rose) finally released their album Chinese Democracy. It took 12 years to make, and apparently cost 13 million dollars, 14 studios, around 218 musicians, a few US presidents, several wars, an unconfirmed number of nervous breakdowns, the safe passing of Y2K, and Lord only knows how many Domino's deliveries. 
It was also the week The Lucksmiths released their new album First Frost. It's their 11th album in 15 years, and it probably didn't cost them 13 million dollars to make. 
Stereolab meanwhile have released 10 albums and approx 17 e.p.s during the same period. This is from their latest album Chemical Cords.
Robin Grey also probably didn't use 14 studios and suffer 4 nervous breakdowns to record this. It isn't any less lovely for it.