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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Belle and Sebastian - BBC Sessions

"If I could be a song/ I would be something that would snake into your room/ And be with you the whole night long"

So, Belle and Sebastian. Remember them? They were the band you were quite possibly listening to when you took your first tentative steps into indie™ . Maybe they even soundtracked an awkward first kiss, or a few weeks of unrequited love. Maybe not. Perhaps it was If You're Feeling Sinister that got you into them, or it could even have been Tigermilk, though given that only about 3 copies of that album were initially released, that's unlikely. You might be the kind of person that says you 'used to like them before they went poppy', i.e. before they made silly videos and just seemed so damn, well, confident. Surely this wasn't what they were about when you first met them? Back when they made grainy handheld videos with little stuffed animals and cute anorak wearing couples discussing J.D. Salinger and Sarah Records...
Perhaps you simply grew apart.
Maybe you still were that couple, or at least one half of that couple, while they, well, they definitely weren't. 
Perhaps you never had that much in common anyway.
Belle and Sebastian - Slow Graffiti (BBC Sessions)
Belle and Sebastian - Lazy Line Painter Jane (BBC Sessions)
Belle and Sebastian - The State I am in (BBC Sessions)
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