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Monday, November 3, 2008

Before the winter comes take me away to the place where our dreams meet

The Deer Tracks - Slow Collision
Boat Club - Warmer Climes
I can't stay here forever 'cause you can't fake the sunshine
Firekites - Autumn Story
Trembling Blue Stars - November Starlings
The world is beautiful and waiting
We're hungry for what's on the table
Under clouds that keep on changing
Hope returns and keeps returning
Sam Phillips - How to Dream
Sunset Rubdown - Shut Up, I'm Dreaming of Places Where Lovers Have Wings
I'm tired of waiting

Oceans never listen to us anyway

The Loom - Song for the Winter Sun
The Sound of Arrows - Winding Roads
If you go down winding roads I would follow you...

Sea Wolf - Leaves in the River
...and as we walked the rain started

The leaves softened with every step

and all around around us people slept alone with their dreams.

The wind came down from out the planes

and blew the leaves out through the streets

I wondered how far leaves could really fly.

Would they rest in several yards?

Or make it to the city?

Or would they end up in the river just to float away?


justinread said...

beautiful sounds. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Winter's comin' here in Thailand.
Right time!
Thanks :)

Sarah said...

Amazing wonderful fantastic perfectly judged mix :D Thank you so much! I've been listening to it on repeat the past few days. I didn't know any of the acts apart from Sunset Rubdown - is the rest of the new (to me!) band's back catalogues worth checking, or did you just pick out the creme de la creme?

Eliza K. said...

thanks everyone!
Now Sarah let's see: Trembling Blue Stars and Sam Phillips definitely worth checking out. The Deer Tracks' debut album is also out and yes yes yes you MUST listen to it, it's beautiful. With Boat Club and The Sound of Arrows I basically picked the "creme de la creme" like you said. Firekites and The Loom I don't know much about so I'm not sure if I should recommend them or not...that's it I guess. Oh yeah and Sea Wolf are also worth checking out.

Eliza K. said...

oh I have to say I've changed my mind about Boat Club...they have other good songs as well...