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Sunday, October 26, 2008

That movie that everyone seems to adore and I never understood why

*painting by Ellen Lohse*

That movie is The Royal Tenenbaums. And at this point you might or might not ask - depending on how much time you have on your hands, how prepared your brain is to spot an inconsistency, and whether you think that curiosity killed the cat or helped it get a valuable after-life lesson - why the hell would someone waste a whole afternoon preparing a post about a movie they're not that crazy about. Well, because this post isn't about the movie per se; it's about two bands I do like that have this in common: despite the fact that I pointedly warned them not to, they both completely ignored me and went ahead and named themselves after characters in it.

Margot & The Nuclear So and So's were named after Margot Helen Tenenbaum and they have, as everyone should know by now, two new albums out. Two because they couldn't agree (*understatement*) with their record company on the songs that were to be included.  So they decided to release one album ("Not Animal") of label-aproved songs, and another one ("Animal!") reflecting the band's selection. "Animal!", unfortunately, is only available on vinyl and online. And I say unfortunately because it contains two beautiful songs that are not to be found on the properly released Not Animal. Both are duets and they tell the story of one Mariel and one Martin: their relationship, their conflicts, and their imperfect life together.
Uzi & Ari are the sons of Chas Tenenbaum. Uzi & Ari is also the pseudonym that Ben Shepard chose to adopt in his solo career. Their last album, called Headworms, was released this month and their song "Wolf Eggs" has been much hyped throughout the blogosphere. Deservedly so.
Patron Saints (Headworms, 2008)
Don't Black Out (It Is Freezing Out, 2006)


ho said...

they are lame. money grubbers.

Eliza K. said...

ok, this is getting ridiculous. who are money grubbers and why?

Patrick said...

A note: Martin and Mariel are characters from the Redwall series of books. They're mice! Pretty adorable, right?

Also, I want to respectfully disagree with you and say it's not unfortunate that those songs are on the vinyl release; seeing as how that's the album, of the two, that the band prefers, surely they're hinting that the best way to listen is on vinyl? I would agree.

So good, though, these new albums.

Eliza K. said...

oh really??? I didn't know that, that's so cute! I MUST READ the books! Thanks.

Well, yes, I'm sure I offended all you vinyl-lovers out there, and while I don't doubt the appeal of vinyl, the thing is not THAT many people use them. Surely by releasing it only on vinyl they are damaging the album's chances of being heard by more people, and denying all of us that don't own a gramophone the chance to owe the album (as a physical copy, not online)?

Again, thanks for the Redwall series tip!