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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Review: Standon Calling 2008

Standon Calling, it's held in the (beautiful) countryside about an hour outside London, it evolved from a birthday party, it's organised by the son of a Lord, it's limited to 2,500 visitors. How can it not be great?

Musical highlights:
Florence & the Machine, Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Johnny Foreigner, Glasvegas, Los Campesinos!, Super Furry Animals, Benin City, The Mae-Shi, Music Sounds Better With You in the Love Hotel...

Other highlights: 
The location and scenery, the camp-site, the toilets (after experiencing toilets at other festivals, these were a revelation!), coconut and lemon cake (with coffee: a 'breakfast of champions') in the morning, the karaoke booth, the lanterns on the final night, the smell of the countryside, the fact that you could walk from your tent to any of the stages in about 2 minutes, the Master of Ceremonies (aka the dude with the cool beard) in the Lordship tent handing out shots of what was apparently a very fine whiskey, the Japanese theme and dress up on Saturday, the Love Hotel, the sun (when it came out), going weedleweedleweedle with our fingers behind our head during the SFA (you really had to be there to understand), picking apples from the trees near the manor, the bus stopping on the way to the site for people to use the cash machine, the carnival shop in Ware, chilli!, Los Campesinos! playing the opening of Pavement's 'Home', the taxi dude, the ride to Luton on Monday morning...
the weather on Sunday, the airport like bag search upon entry, Mystery Jets cancelling
All in all a HUGE thanks to the organisers for putting on an incredible weekend. See you next year!
Johnny Foreigner
The Love Hotel
Entering 'the Lordship'

You're looking for some mp3s aren't you..?!
Eh voila!:
Johnny Foreigner - The end and everything after

More pics here


Anna said...

this festival sounds amazing! i wish there was some magical way i could go next yr =/

Agnes said...

Ahh Los Camp...would love to see them, there's a myspace group trying to convince them to come to Oz. My fingers are crossed!