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Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer Here Kids! (part 2)

"What is that cheerful sound?
Rain fallin on the ground
We'll wear a jolly crown
Buckle up, we're wayward bound
"Without giving anything away,
I can say it's by the sea.
It's a house that used to be the home of a friend of mine.
Without giving anything away,
you'll find ships inside of bottles,
and the garden's overgrown,
the house is white but the paint is coming off." 

"My summer girl, she was my world"
"Put your head down
Put your thumbs up, girl
With the smell of hot desk and the glitter of your step
"You're trying much to hard to make your world seem like a dream"


Anonymous said...

belle and sebastian - i know where the summer goes seems to be a bit dodgy at about the one minute mark?

fun summer songs! it was a warm winters day in east coast australia today and these were pleasant to accompany it

Steven B. said...

You're very welcome!!

I'll look into the B&S track!