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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Some hearts are true...

photo taken by Steven 
''We want punks in the palace 'cause punks got the loveliest dreams'
' They put angels in the electric chair
Straight-up angels in the electric chair
And no one knew or no one cared
But burning stars lit up their hair
And crawled to heaven on golden stairs

And oh! How we to and fro! To and fro! To and fro!
This is our torched estates
(and we are your sweet mistakes)
And all them vulgar kings on their dirty thrones
Who among us will avenge miss Nina Simone?

The hungry and the hanged, the damaged and the done
Striving 'long this spinning rock tumbling past the sun
Get through this life without killing anyone
And consider yourself golden

Lost a friend to cocaine, couple friends to smack
Troubled hearts map deserts and they rarely do come back
Lost a friend to oceans, lost a friend to hills
Lost a friend to suicide, lost a friend to pills
Lost a friend to monsters, lost a friend to shame
Lost a friend to marriage, lost a friend to blame
Lost a friend to worry and lost a friend to wealth
Lost a friend to stubborn pride and then I lost myself

I love my dog and she loves me
The world's a mess and so are we
She tumbles long green muddy fields, sick with joy and glee
And as she dreams sweet puppy dreams whimpering gently
There's fresh meat in the club tonight
God bless our dead marines!
Someone had an accident above the burning trees
While somewhere distant peacefully our vulgar princes sleep
Dead kids don't get photographed
God bless this century!

When the world is sick can't no one be well?
But I dreamt we were all beautiful and strong' 
Some! Hearts! Are! True! Some! Hearts! Are! True! Some! Hearts! Are! True!