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Saturday, June 7, 2008


As promised, yet another band from the wonderful Collective Family, and one of my favourites, if I might add. I would describe Blanketarms is as a predominantly twee, slightly punkish and unquestionably DIY band - and though the combination of the words twee and punk (plus the male/female vocals) makes me unavoidably think of Los Campesinos!, they sound nothing like them. Think less drum beats and dancefloors, more ukuleles and lo-fi recordings. The punk influences are noticeable mostly on their album 'One Small Fist ' (which includes songs with titles like 'Just Because I Can't Change Anything Doesn't Mean I Can't Change Everything' and 'Whatever you do, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT shop at Walmart') or their contribution to a Misfits tribute album, but otherwise they're quite subtle. And that is definitely a good thing, as I rather prefer their tweer and less political side. These next tracks are all taken from their 2006 double album Sweet & Sour, which was, according to singer Isaac Arms, 'a try at mixing the sweetness of indie-pop with my incessant desire to be a pretentious prick'. It's over-cutesy at times, but over-cutesy it's what's needed on a day like today :) Happy birthday S.! I love your guts.

Blanketarms - I Love Your Guts
Blanketarms - Let it Fall
Blanketarms - Eff That Ess

Download full album here.


Steven Ray Morris said...

Blanketarms were truly an amazing band that got me into Lo-Fi/DIY music. I'm sad they aren't around anymore, but I was happy Isaac let me put up their discography on CLLCT for everyone to hear!

You should also check out Isaac's solo EP Old Artificer. It is quite possibly my favorite album of all time.


Eliza K. said...

thanks I'll check it out as soon as I manage to tear myself away from Belly Boat and Watercolor Paintings for 5 secs :)