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Monday, June 9, 2008

Oh my God, it’s somebody’s birthday again

It’s the same problem every time. It’s someone’s birthday and you don’t have any good birthday songs.

It’s not like Christmas, for which there are already approximately 2,300,987 songs, and new ones added every year.

It’s a bit like Easter. Know any good Easter songs?


Well it’s the same with birthdays. So I’ve compiled a few, sorted by theme. None of them are particularly suitable for cakes, candles and wishes, but hey, that's exactly my point.

*A freaky kooky ooh ooh ooh look, a squirrel (!) birthday beside a lake. In Iceland.

The SugarcubesBirthday

"Today is a birthday
They're smoking cigars
He's got a chain of flowers
And sows a bird in her knickers

They're smoking cigars
They lie in the bathtub
A chain of ... flowers"

*Fuck it, what’s the point, this year will just be worse than last year.

Bright Eyes - Happy Birthday to Me (Feb. 15)

"Into this song I send myself
And with these drinks I plan to collapse
And forget this wasted year, these wasted years
Devoted friends, they disappear..."

*You’re in a club, surrounded by Danish models. Someone is opening a bottle of Cristal, and somehow there’s confetti everywhere...

Cut CopyLights And Music

"This is what you hoped to say on your birthday
the secrets that we held that day will be kept straight."

*All your friends have their birthday during the same month, and every year you have to buy a million presents at the same time. You consider perhaps replacing a few friends for others (with more practical birthdays) next year.

Candy BarsThe Birthday Song

"Oh my God, it’s somebody’s birthday again"

*And uhm… if you have a friend named Lisa.

Jens LekmanHappy Birthday, Dear Friend Lisa

"Turn on the radio, clean the windows.
Do it in slow-mo, as the day unfolds.
Oh how the sun shines inside you, just like I do."


Anonymous said...

i think you could add the "Birthday Girl" song from The Roots (Rising Down).

Steven B. said...

Thanks! Yes, almost immediately after posting I remembered quite a few other songs as well...!

Next time I suppose ;)