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Thursday, April 17, 2008

The same thing we do every night, Pinky

*Death Cab for Cutie can talk about changing and experimenting on their new album until their tongues drop off 'cause all I hear is the same same same. A somewhat different (and worse) version of their old stuff. I mean really - you would've thought that after "Plans" they would have enough confidence (and funds) to take their music a step further. Instead it was one huge leap backwards. It's not so much that 'Narrow Stairs' is really bad. It's just that they're getting so boring.

(And this is the shortest song on the album)
Death Cab for Cutie - No Sunlight

*Then again, you'll be all "Who needs anything new?? Just stick with what you know!" after hearing the Guillemots new effort. Uhm, no - see, even the word "effort" in relation to this album sounds wrong. It would imply that they've actually tried to make some decent music and that just doesn't seem possible. 'Red', however, seemed to receive good reviews from an impressive/alarming number of music-lovers on the blogosphere. Rumor has it that this is what really happened:

indieboy77: so, what did you think of the Guillemots' new album? Have you heard it yet?
fuckmeimtwee: yes! I love it... I've only listened to it once but it sounds great! u?
indieboy77: what?! uhm...okaay. listen. what did it sound like?
fuckmeimtwee: huh?
indieboy77: well -
indieboy77: did it sound subtle and sweet and lo-fi?
indieboy77: ...or overproduced, clumsy, undecided about its genre, made-for-eurovision, confused and confusing?
fuckmeimtwee: what? it sounded like Guillemots - you know
fuckmeimtwee: melodical, more electronic influences than on the last one...
fuckmeimtwee: still sweet though
indieboy77: gosh.
indieboy77: i hate to break it to you, but that's a fake.
indieboy77: a lot of people downloaded it - it's a french dude called 'T'. Notice the accent
fuckmeimtwee: WHAT??? no waay! I did notice the accent; I thought it was weird but...
fuckmeimtwee: you sure?
indieboy77: I'm afraid so.. Wait, I'll send you the real thing.

* the girl not-so-cleverly disguised as 'fuckmeimtwee' listens to first song - is horrified - wishes she hadn't chatted with 'indieboy77' - goes back to T's album

T - Dancing Together (T)
T - Newcomer (T)

And because I don't actually like being a hater here are some 2008 songs I've been really enjoying this week:

Drew Danburry - Lynette I Love You (God bless Said the Gramophone!)
Cassettes Won't Listen - Freeze and Explode (Small-Time Machine)

Slow Club - When I Go (Waiting waiting waiting for an album!)


Anonymous said...

Wish we all could freeze and explode..."

Anonymous said...

you are the best!!

Dora K. said...

Try to take over the world!!!!!

whitehotretort said...

I did the same thing with the new Girl Talk album (got the wrong copy) and I admit to liking it a little more than the real release.