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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Little Lost

Hurray! Approximately 5 years* since season 5 ended with a pop, a bang and a collective WTF?, Lost returns to our screens tomorrow night - or for those outside the US, sometime Wednesday afternoon/evening (torrents permitting). As any true Lost fan and probably much of the rest of the TV-viewing world know, season 6 will be the final season of Lost, and the one in which fans will be looking for all loose ends to be tied up, their favourite couples to finally end up together, their favourite dead characters to be brought back to life and their least favourite characters to die spectacular deaths. Is it all a dream? Are they in Hell? A NYC block (a la Synecdoche, New York)? What's Smokie? Who's Jacob?
 Find out starting tomorrow night!

 Don't remember what's what or who's who? Catch up in just 8 minutes and 15 seconds:
 Songs, simply, with Lost in the title...
Phoenix - Lost and Found
 The Mary Onettes - Lost
Arthur Russell - A Little Lost
Radio Dept. - Lost and Found
Lightspeed Champion - Galaxy of the Lost

 Songs that may well bring back a few Lost memories...
 Petula Clark - Downtown
Mama Cass Elliot - Make Your Own Kind Of Music
 And, something you can play to make your friends think Lost has already started when they're still in the kitchen making that cup of tea...
Lost main theme (Michael Giacchino)

*or what sure felt like it