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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Terrible Yellow Eyes

A grand statement to start the post:
"Terrible Yellow Eyes is a wonderful website."

Music to establish the right mood before elaborating:
Jams Dean - Where the Wild Jams Are
Language-Arts - Where Were You in the Wild?

Terrible Yellow Eyes is a project initiated by Cory Godbey in an attempt to pay tribute to one of his favourite artists, Maurice Sendak. If you have managed not to get sucked into the "Where the Wild Things Are" craze, congratulations. You must either have been living at the bottom of the LOST hatch, or you're much less impressionable than I am because, man, I'm such a sucker for it. Now Cory Godbey here appears to not only have fallen for it as well but also managed to convince a bunch of other talented artists to go completely Sendak-crazy and create their own rendition of Max and the wild things. Some drawings are scary, some happy, some nostalgic, some colourful, some dark, some in ink, some in watercolor - but they are all unique in their own little way. Terrible Yellow Eyes has thus managed to amass a most enviable collection of illustrations. We here at LHNA highly recommend you pay the site a visit, bookmark it, and go back to it again and again. Guaranteed mood-lifter.*

P.S. The illustration on top was made by mr. Cory Godbey himself, to whom we are so very grateful for not minding (?) that we've used some of the pictures. (that's one huge-ass assumption there)

Sample drawings

Sarah Caterisano:

Jason Caffoe:

Aurélie Neyret:

Shaun Pendergast:

Kyle Pierce:

David Müller:

Alina Chau:

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