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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

winter on the east coast

I leave Athens at 16:00. Slight delay. Long lines at security. Please remove your laptop. Place your phone in the basket. Enjoy your flight.

Touch down at 18:05. Rubber spinning on the cold black ground. It's dark outside. Thursday evening. GMT +1. Barcelona. Brand new airport terminal - white, bright, with floors so shiny they make you dizzy. My mom and brother are waiting for me behind the sliding doors - 'hi Steven' is written in the dirt on the back of the car. Follow the arrows and leave the glittering multi-layered parking building. Now we're driving on the toll-road, heading south along the coast. Tunnel after tunnel burrowed through the coastal mountains. I look out, attempting to make out the surroundings as they speed by in a dark blur. I see myself reflected in the window. I look tired.

We get to the newly rented house on the edge of town (there's a river running behind it). My upstairs room overlooks a school - small energetic voices echoing across the wintry fields and surrounding hills and mountains. When the river's dry, people walk their dogs in it. Melville is jumping, embracing me as another human to love and be chased by. Throw Garfield! Throw Garfield!

My brother is in love. Returned from England on Monday. Cambridge. Did you know Cambridge has canals? Couples rowing, discussing Chaucer and last night's television. Possibly.

He's considering a move there. Bright white future mornings. Rented films. Fish and chips and Easyjet trips.

E is arriving on Sunday and I miss her. The outside temperature is 11C degrees. Enjoy your stay. Click click click on the shiny black floor.



Christos said...

I like your words Stevie! Looking forward to landing to the barnd new airport too, in 4 days! :-)

See you somewhere in BCN, right?


Jen said...

Silly Steven... it's not a canal, it's a river! The River Cam.

I'm happy. :-)

Steven B. said...

Ah, it's always good to have a fact-checking friend!

The blame however lies fully with O Michalis. He lied to me. To my face.

And the worst part is (and here's the kicker), he had no reason at all to do so. No reason at all...!

Steven B. said...

Thanks!! :)

And yes, I surely hope so!!!

Jen said...

Steven, Michael lied to you because he has a serious psychological problem. Like 0.00056% of caucasian males aged 30-40, he compulsively misidentifies watercourses. People like you only contribute to the dreadful press that potamomythomaniacs receive, reviled and shunned by society. Yet is IS possible (with the correct medication and adequate physical restraints) for them to live healthy, normal lives. He needs your SYMPATHY and LOVE, goddamn it Steven, not your condemnation. You should be ashamed of yourself.


Steven B. said...

Jen, your words have made me realize what is probably long overdue. It has shined a much needed light on the only conclusion that could possibly be reached, that which I am, my very essence:a bastard. Yep, and don't try and disagree. You won't talk me down. You won't dissuade me. I'm a bastard.