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Monday, November 2, 2009

This Past Week

Monday: The Drums are one of my favourite new bands. These guys look like they just stepped out of a Swedish porn flick, and sound like pure teenage yearning.


"You used to be so pretty, now you're just tragic" becomes lhnA's favourite new sing-along line.


Tuesday: Soon to be reunited Pavement are the first (and so far only) band to be announced for Primavera Sound 2010. I immediately grabbed my credit card and bought tickets for both Primavera Sound and Primavera Club (held in December - look out for a LHNA  preview over the next couple of days), which they will headline. I also updated the Primavera Sound Wikipedia page; which, if you haven't yet done (editing a Wikipedia entry), I highly recommend doing; it's strangely satisfying. 

Pet Ghost Project - Box Elder (Pavement Cover)

Wednesday: Jonathan Richman visits our fine city. Tiny venue, packed. Hotter than a pre-heated oven in Hell. Jonathan starts off by apologising for the heat, saying not to blame the venue; he just doesn't like the sound of air conditioning (he later stops playing when the AC is switched on, only returning once it's been turned off). Several smokers grumble about the new no-smoking law, making little trips outside to inhale some smoke during his set.   


Jonathan Richman - Our dog is getting older now

Thursday: I come across a Lou Barlow cover of La Roux. Google Music is announced, which won't be available in Europe. What else is new... At least we have Spotify!

 Lou Barlow - Bulletproof (La Roux cover)

Friday: My robot outfit is complete.It required a paper Lidl bag, lots of aluminium foil, two cans of silver spray paint, lots of very strong tape, Daft Punk's Robot Rock and two CDs for my eyes.

Saturday: Halloween!


and finally, a new feature, titled:

Blindfold - Falleg Depurd 

 If Coldplay met Sigur Ros in the clearing of a magical forest on a freezing winter's day (with Keane gently emanating from a nearby old people's home) , it might sound something like this.