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Saturday, November 7, 2009


5888 5 (you don't care) Jason Loewenstein's A Wanker

Peleg. Babylon. Flesh came back onto their bones. Return of the Prodigal Son. Silly Symphony. Recurring word patterns. Like, Like, Like, Americans in Europe. Morning erections. Procreation. The family system. The whole fucking kit and caboodle. We talk, but, essentially, we are saying nothing. I’m gonna cover myself in mud, yeah, I’m a Believer.

They burnt her like a spider. (you don't care)

I have no words. No words. My dear friends, I greatly appreciate your attempts, but, really, there is no end. There is no end. And the more I contemplate, the less I work. Touche, froggy monster friar - twas blixa bar money he doth the rapeth, he doth too nigh. Papa Satan, Papa Satan.

Doth approaceth. Doth glove foxy silken twiddle.

Spanish Rain (you don't care)

The cat that was a dog,
and was a singing boat,
and was a doormouse,


He was a gold and singing boat,


He was also my boat,
He was also my ship,

(you don't care)

he was watching your boats unfolden

Swelter Nertile (Now remove face-screws)

Swelter Nertile Merkent (Now unhinge thy knee)
A titulary rextile (Now ungle mine past)
Rentile swelters (Now forget her memory)
Tersatile men... (now head)

They drewel tan burs,
like say the thing (Now snap off)

Then, know who what Meanest Swelter Temperature (Now)
Or Sprang through window fly-net (Now eat nose)

television Rorsites. (Now remove face-front)


you don't mind.

drip drop drop