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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cupcakes and holiday spirit

The Smittens: Magpies and Eccles Cakes ❅ Pajaro Sunrise: Salt and Spoon
The Airfields: Icing Sugar ❅ Piney Gir: Of All the Wonderful Things

The Futureheads - Struck Dumb

Our Time Warp Christmas Party last week - which we threw for our friends because we're going to be out of the country in December - had eggnog, homemade oatmeal cookies, Santa hats, a Christmas tree with fake wrapped-up presents under it, mistletoe, lights, and Christmas-y songs and carols. Which is all very nice, except for the part where I find myself in this huge dilemma the day after: since we already used up all the holiday traditions for the time-warp Christmas, what else is there to do when the real one comes? (the one I refer to in my head as the Second Christmas) There is the present-exchanging ceremony of course, which we wisely left for December. But apart from that? There had to be something special out there we hadn't thought of. And the answer was this: Christmas cupcakes. At first it just seemed like a cute idea, but my fixation with cupcakes grew exponentially over the next days. Liners, pops, toppers, sprinkles, candle holders - I searched and searched the web until I found everything I wanted. I decided to go on a Christmas splurge and order right away. I went completely cupcake-crazy: elves, snowflake liners, Santa Claus figurines, reindeer with edible antlers, red and green cases. The items were shipped today and I couldn't be more excited. If one is to judge by the pictures, they look absolutely freaking amazing. So if you decide to go with cupcakes this holiday season, you can find pretty much everything you need on Etsy, whether you decide to shop from Sweet Treats Supplies, Cupcake Social or Hey YoYo.

Now if I hadn't spent all my money on the aforementioned items, I would also go for Hello Cupcake, a recipe book apparently full of "irresistibly playful creations that anyone can make".

And of course this post would not be complete without a mention of the incredibly talented, ever-inspiring Bakerella. There are some great sites on baking out there, but this one surely takes the cake. (Oh look I can do baking puns! Hmm...maybe I should have gone with "icing on the cake" instead. Nevermind, moving on.) If you need any ideas or recipes for your cupcakes, pies, cakes and brownies, or simply feel the need to spend some hours drooling all over your screen I suggest you head over to Bakerella's scrumptious website. Here are some of her wonderful creations:


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The pictures are so BIG!!! :D