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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

SOS, I'm touching the electric fence

Was The Songs I Didn't Write the real thing or just a copy of the Coldplay original after all, did Chris Martin copy Creaky Boards or did Creaky Boards copy Coldplay question mark, etcetera. I know what you're thinking - old story -  but worth bringing up because this particular story will go on and on, like C√©line Dion's heart, forever and ever, amen. I hear nowadays people are trying to figure out whether Kelly Clarkson copied Beyonc√©'s "Halo" in her song "Already Gone"! This is worrisome to the extreme for reasons I will not go into right now. Actually I will: they're both written by the same guy and they're both crap. The point is, this nonsense has to stop, folks! In a way I understand why people get so worked up about these so called "controversies". I get it, I really do. It's like a whodunit type mystery where everyone gets to act the detective and bring forth arguments to prove who the victim and who the murderer is. ("well, you see, Creaky boards had a video dated a year before Viva La Vida where they play the song, ha!")  I get it. But what I really wanna know is why the fuck should we care who-done-it? I mean, personally I think no one did - it was just a bloody accident because, you see, people have been writing songs for thousands of years and it's just stupid to expect that they will always come up with something new and original. The unfortunate thing in this particular case however is that this song, which isn't even that great (neither of the two) is the only thing people will think of when they think of Creaky Boards. Their last.fm page looks a little like this:

  • Hawkdaddyfoolz wrote:
    How can they be thieves when they filled the law suit? Make sure you know what your talking about before you say crap.
  • sanjay11 wrote:
    no similarity with viva la vida
  • dontdoitjake wrote:
    Tagged as: great musiuc, thieves, losers, antifolk, plagiarism
  • GrantRS wrote:
    And now Coldplay arebeing suedby someone else over the same song. Creaky Boards have struck gold there. This will only widen their audience. For a band with only 1,000 odd listeners any publicity is good publicity.
  • IHeartRiloKiley wrote:
    in any case, their music is better than coldplay.
  • HermsGandsen wrote:
    you are wonderful! I hope coldplay musit pay a fat sum of money for trheir musical theft!!!! It's really a bad thing thet the music lobby of the famous ones is so strong!!!!! Cheers and all the best

  • higginst wrote:
    lmao at this band. fucking losers. All for the attention
  • subatomicupcake wrote:
    You'll be lucky if Coldplay doesn't sue you for libel or slander, since Chirs Martin was in London at Air Studios, making real music the night you accuse him of being at your concert, besides having written the Viva la Vida 7 months before your concert. say bye bye to your career. Think about it next time before you purposely write a fake song (the songs I didn't write? that's an obvious clue) to try to frame these lads. Hope you don't go to jail.
  • haifisher wrote:
    The Songs I Didn't Write has absolutely nothing in common with Viva la Vida - but nice try to get some media attention...

This is a damn shame. Creaky Boards might not be the greatest or the most original band in the world, but if you paid any attention to the actual music you'd find they actually have some solid, good songs. Which you should listen to and forget about The Songs I Didn't Write. Or Viva La Vida. Or Kelly Clarkson for that matter.

Illustration: Paul Merril


dana said...

i find it hilarious that someone is asserting that chris martin was making "real music" at any point in time.

however, i agree. who cares, really?

Clicky Overload said...

I love Creaky Boards. They are the nicest guys in the world and their music is just awesome.

Clicky Overload said...

By the way (I'm in a praising mood right now): Your blog is my favorite music blog in the world! Keep it up guys!

Eliza K. said...

I love people that have commented on our blog. Seriously. Every single one of them. Even the ones that say "you suck". (I'm in a praising mood right now too :P)