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Monday, June 29, 2009

Instant Indie Cred For Only $1 !

  Fanfarlo for $1.00
Did you watch that video up there? If not, go ahead and watch it.
Ok? Done? Now that you did, you don't need me to tell to tell you how special they are.
Well, they have a new album out, it's AMAZING, and you can buy it for only $1 Dollar or roughly € 0.71! That's approximately the price of a loaf of bread in Greece, a beer in Portugal, the use of a public toilet in Holland or two nights in a luxury hotel in Poland!

"I want one of those for myself", you say?
Simply make your way over to their rather lovely site, enter a few details, and voila, it'll be yours!
And if you liked the song played in the video, here's an mp3 of it:
Fanfarlo - Finish Line
(but buy the album anyway!!!)


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