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Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Follies of Youth


1. youth
a person at the age of believing they are politically involved when they're not.
"In this week's youth meeting, we will make you feel like you're contributing to the society's needs. Oh, and while you're at it, the meeting room needs some youthful cleaning."
2. youth
a young boy or girl mostly around 13-18 years old.
"Hey Jaycc are you going to church tonight? It's youth night."
3. youth
term of recognition used by english speaking people especially those from afro-carribean and / or northern (i.e. north of Watford) origin. Somewhat ironically, it is especially prominent among the older generations.
"'ow do youth"
"easy there, my yoot"
"jooost gettin' me pension, youth"

in song:
I am a raw youth, I am a restless youth
But I shall keep with thee  

You say you don't belong here because someone once said you look like a star
Another drunk man saw a chance...
And you come from a family who can afford to be eccentric - go back and cry to them
You could have gone on your own:
A high-heeled escape to your fairyland, a dare-and-run for designer clothes
...The follies of youth, the follies of youth, for someone like you they're still true. 

One day I feel so happy, next day I feel so sad
I guess I'll learn to take the good with the bad
Each night I ask the stars up above:
"Why must I be a teenager in love?"