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Friday, March 20, 2009

Sin Fang Bous


Okay, our beloved Decemberists might have disappointed us a little with Hazards of Love, but it's not all bad. For one thing, there are other bands we love putting out great new singles. Anyone else totally obsessed with "Now We Can See" or "Gimme Sympathy"? I've been playing both something like 10 times a day.

For another, there are also NEW bands - whose existence we weren't even aware of two weeks ago - surprising us with great tunes. So never mind all the old bands we love that haven't lived up to the hype with their latest albums (and I can name many of those). We will not think about that now. Here's to the new. And here's to Sin Fang Bous, who make my evenings lovelier.

These are the last three tracks on Clangour, in reverse order:

Poi Rot