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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A new Morrissey album is much like a can of Danish Butter Cookies

A new Morrissey album is much like a can of Danish Butter Cookies (you know, the round ones). All cookies are decent, yet  all taste somewhat the same. And while none particularly stand out, there are always one or two that you like slightly more than the others, and eat (both layers) before the rest. Though these won't really change your life either.
Listening to Years of Refusal you can't help but wish Morrissey would just fire his band and hire some musicians with a little more, well, subtlety. His lyrics are great as always, as would his melodies  probably be if you could only hear them! Instead they're often lost in a rather generic guitar sound (ditto live). 
Hey, The Cribs, any chance you could lend us Johnny Marr?
Anyway, Years of Refusal has leaked. Have a listen if you're looking for something nice to go with your coffee.


Alex said...

I never buy Danish butter cookies but if I'm offered, I eat them with joy.
Same goes for Moz.

Steven B. said...

haha but you wouldn't buy them, right?

I actually went through a phase in London when, at any given moment, I would have a can of those in the house...

Bibman said...

I agree 100 %, no more biscuits, we want a diet on the sound of the smiths.

Hanan said...

ahhahah this analogy rocks.

Alex said...

OK I love the Smiths but I wouldn't like to see them again together.
To Steven, no I wouldn't buy them.