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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


For those of you who like to read, you should know that Letters Have No Arms has joined Bookmooch. This is our profile, take a look at our inventory and see if there's anything you might want. We're giving away Great Expectations, The Little Friend, Women in Love, Jane Eyre and A Boy's Own Story, among others. Oh, and a lovely abridged edition of Of Mice and Men for children! And if you have time, take a look at our wishlist, see if you can make our day by sending us something on there :P For those of you not familiar with Bookmooch, it's a great site for swapping books and it's brilliant so you should be familiar with it.

Also, make sure to pass by Librarything and check out my 50 book challenge for 2009! Readers or non-readers, I think you might enjoy it. See you there!


Dora K. said...

Johanna Samuels - Man at the Vendor
thumbs up!