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Friday, December 19, 2008

great guys, thanks

Here we are killing ourselves to have our best of 2008 list and spend an ENTIRE DAY -thank you for asking - doing it because blogger is being totally uncooperative just to find out that the post simply disappears after one day of being online. Believe it or not, we put a lot of effort into this and it REALLY SUCKS when they (by they I mean Blogger) can just take it away and erase like that without even a warning. 29 songs take a lot of time to upload, especially not with a great connection. And it's not like we post full albums or full discographies all the time, it's our best-of-2008 list for fuck's sake! If some "artist" felt offended that we posted a song and worried that they would make less money they could've just sent a polite e-mail and asked that we take it down. We do in fact post songs because we try to HELP the artists, which is why we put "Buy this here" links next to ALL songs we could find links to. Anyway.


Anonymous said...

That sucks.

Are you going to finish the rest of the list. I'm excited to find out what tops your list.

Eliza K. said...

yes indeed we are, and we'll try to upload a zip file of all the tracks if we can - our server has a certain limit per upload so we'll do our best. Thanks for asking though, it's kind of easy not to bother sometimes (yeah, yeah i'm being a bit dramatic)

alexandros said...

this sucks!!!
I woke up sick, with snorts in my face and the only think I wanted was to continue listening and READING the list.
Continue the good work you guys, don't let this small thinks bring you down!

Sarah said...

Ach, that must be INCREDIBLY irritating for you :( At least know that you've got lots of loyal readers looking forwards to the list whenever you do manage to get it online. I discovered 'Letters' a couple of months ago, and it is now my number one music blog. That's right, number one. Lovely, lovely, lovely :)

Eliza K. said...

awww Sarah and Alex you made LHNA's hearts melt a little bit :)

Anonymous said...

Gosh !
Give me back the List !!!!
plz (T^T)