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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Postmarks devise a cunning plan to make people listen to something other than 'goodbye' (and maybe sell a few records while they're at it)

Ok, so here’s what I think happened. The Postmarks were sitting around one day, writing a new album, discussing whether they’d ever sell more than 8 records, and whether anyone would ever listen to anything but ‘Goodbye’. And just then, as if by magic, a Nouvelle Vague song came on the radio. “Damn” they said, looking at each other. “These guys sell thousands of records. They play sold out shows. And they don’t even write their own songs!!!”

So they scrapped their own material and compiled a list of songs they liked.
Fast forward to today, and they're releasing an entire album of covers.
So is it any good, you ask? 
It's brilliant! 
Even though this is an album of covers, The Postmarks make it their own. Anyone familiar with their sound of beautiful melancholy and cloudy mornings, heartbroken late-night bus rides home and that voice, will recognise that sound on the album. Fans of the originals will also appreciate the new interpretations. So go out and buy buy buy it (so that The Postmarks can record some of their own stuff again sometime soon)!

The album is out today, November 11th, and you can buy it here
The Postmarks - 11:59  
The Postmarks - Five years
The Postmarks - One note samba


minminmusic said...

hopefully you'll be pleased as pie to know that the second album is very much underway for hopefully a spring release. if anything...there are serious hints as to where we are sonically and musically heading on our second album contained within 'by the numbers'.

can't wait for you to hear it...
christopher from the postmarks

Steven B. said...

That makes us a happy blog indeed! :)

We'll be on the lookout for it.

Thanks for stopping by!