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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In due time we'll finally see there's barely time for us to breathe

Time. Tick tick tick. Writing about it can only ever be cliché upon cliché, but the fact is that I simply don't have enough of it. A 36 hour day? Fine with me!
Anyway, here are some songs; some are about time, some aren't.

Boy was wrong
Was wrong in every cast
Was always told that make up
Would make things last
Boy would feel
Would feel like strange
This town is all in hell
You know
You would always run
From here  

 (This just goes really well after 'Boneless', hence its inclusion here.)

In due time
We'll finally see
There's barely time
For us to breathe

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Marcus said...

What a fantastic little playlist. Great suggestions, guys! Also, loving the blog. Keep up the good work.

- Marcus K., Stereokill

Eliza K. said...

well Marcus you can see that Steven is really not lying here - he actually HASN'T got time to do anything. Proof: he still hasn't replied to any of the comments from his posts...and that's for a looooong time now. Oh Steveeeen where aaaare you?

Steven B. said...

hahaha thanks for that, Eliza :)

I'm here, and I appreciate the nice comments!!! It's always good to know someone's paying attention to what we're doing!