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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Skeletal Lamping: 'Puzzling,contradicting,disturbing,humorous...'

 Drip drip drip..., something rather special has just leaked... trickled, dripped, dropped down from Sunlandia: Of Montreal's upcoming album 'Skeletal Lamping', due for release on October 7 2008.
And who better to explain the album than Kevin Barnes himself?
"I wanted to make a record that could truly surprise a listener. to create something that was, in turns, enraging,joyous,discomforting,playful,lovely,unpleasant,freaky,mesmeric...something that came close to capturing the labyrinthine complexity of this human consciousness.

i spend most of my time in a state of mild confusion and pensiveness. i imagine most people do too. this record is my attempt to bring all of my puzzling, contradicting,disturbing,humorous...fantasies, ruminations and observations to the surface, so that i can better dissect and understand their reason for being in my head. hence the title, Skeletal Lamping. Lamping is the name of a rather dreadful hunting technique where, hunters go into the forest at night, flood an area in light, then shoot, or capture,the animals as they panic and run from their hiding places..." (read the original blog post here.)
Of Montreal - Death is not a Parallel Move

'I feel just like a ghost' 

Of Montreal - Touched Something's Hollow 

Why am i so damaged? Why am I so troubled, girl? I don't know how long I can hold on, if it's gonna be like this forever...' 

Unfortunately we've been very politely asked to take down these incredible tracks. 
We can however offer you the following officially approved, and brilliant song!:

Of Montreal - Id Engager

"Ladies, I’m screaming out to you from the depths of this phallocentric tyranny,
My self-concept is awaiting your invasion,
clumsy penetration punishment… oh yeah!
...He predicted the 8-bit empire, now he occupies the blur as well.
When asking why their kisses are sorrowful, remember the howl of our first verse.
I can’t help it if its true, don’t wanna be your man, just wanna play with you"

Bonus track: Of Montreal - Make Out, Fall Out, Make Up (Love is All cover)

+Pre-order the album at Insound!


Michael Beijer said...

Dude! I'm listening to them now. Thanks! Perfect music for another weirdly SILENT Summer Saturday in Athens.

Props voor de Heist Rockah en de watskeburt!
Watskebizzy bizzle rob robber!


Dora K. said...