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Friday, August 22, 2008

Review: Benicassim 2008

Ok, I know I'm rather late with this, it being a month ago and all, but things have been hectic. To say the least. So let's just say it's a one month after the festival anniversary post. We've all had time to absorb, to digest and gain some perspective (and forget the lows, and remember the many highlights of those four amazing days)

The second half of Death Cab for Cutie's set, Sigur Ros, Sigur Ros' drummer, Yelle, Babyshambles, Black Lips, La Casa Azul, Hot Chip, the Oxfam tent (cheap coffee, free internet, friendly staff and of course, you know, a lot of worthy information!), the huge paella on the last night, CHEAP and cold beer (1 litre bottles of San Miguel) in town, the celebrity football (sans celebrities. I mean, c'mon, who was really expecting Pete to show up?) match, brushing our teeth in the 'showers' at night, cheap hot-dogs around the site, the 'piss here' sign, having coffee in a cafe in town every morning (and using their pleasant toilets to put in lenses/shave/brush teeth), 'Dick Man' (you know who you are), and all the other things I've forgotten (quite possibly because I took a whole month to post..!)
Two favourite overheard conversations:
"If anyone has a lighter, please make a bird sound"
"Uhm, excuse me, your hair is on fire."

The walk from the camping to and from town and the beach, the toilets, being peed on during Sigur Ros (no, unfortunately I'm not joking), the cramped campsite (at least at CampFIB), the heat, the heat, the heat. And the walk. Did I mention the walk?

Next time we'll rent bikes.

My Bloody Valentine
Black Lips


Yelle - Ce Jeu
My Bloody Valentine - Soon
(sorry for the incomplete track. It's since been fixed!)

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