Letters Have No Arms have packed their bags, put their travel hats on, and moved to a new land!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

In Berlin

Letters have no Arms is in Berlin today, hence the theme and tracks included. Over the next 4 weeks our journey will take us down to Portugal and Spain, where we'll attend the Benicassim festival. We'll be posting along the way, so stay tuned!

"There is thunder in Berlin
We fell down under a moving sky
When you walked into the room tonight

Lighting took hold of my heart for a while..."

Electrelane - In Berlin
I first discovered Tocotronic on Alternative Nation, sometime in the 90s, and remember thinking that if they sang in English, they'd be huge (well, huge in indie terms). I've loved them ever since. Here's one of their few songs with some English lyrics.
Tocotronic - Hi Freaks

Another MTV introduction here, and a big European hit in the 90s.

Die Fantastischen Vier - Die da
In Berlin I saw two men fuck in the dark corner of a basketball court.
Just a slight jangle of pocket change pulsing. 

Why? - The Hollows