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Thursday, June 12, 2008

...on love and mystery and ignorance and knowledge

I first heard The Accidental in February, when Nothing But Green Lights featured the beautiful 'Illuminated Red'. I fell in love with the song, but (having downloaded it without taking the time to read the article) the band was a total mystery to me. They were suddenly there and I had never heard anything about them. I had no idea who they were or why they were so good. And I didn't really look it up at first, but I downloaded all the songs I could get my hands on and listened to them quite religiously for a couple of months. Recently I found out that the band is comprised of Stephen Cracknell (the man behind The Memory Band) , Sam Genders (member of my beloved Tunng), Hannah Caughlin (from The Bicycle Thieves) and singer-songwriter Liam Bailey. Thus the mystery was solved. With such an impressive line-up, how could they not be good? But somehow after I knew that I started comparing them to The Bicycle Thieves, and then Tunng - and of course both those bands I had loved for a much longer time and Tunng had released one of my favourite albums of 2007... So you see this was not a wise thing to do. 'Cause in the perfect mathematical equation in my head the result of Tunng + The Bicycle Thieves + The Memory Band equaled something more than The Accidental and I started feeling a little less in love with them. Of course I still think they're pretty damn good (otherwise I wouldn't have included them here) but after close inspection some of their magic is lost...
Tunng - Bullets (watch the beautiful video)
Tunng - Pioneers (Bloc Party Cover)
The Bicycle Thieves - Open City
The Bicycle Thieves - You Speak So Eloquently About Love

"I do not like to work with patients who are in love. Perhaps it is because of envy- I too crave enchantment. Perhaps it is because love and psychotherapy are fundamentally incompatible. The good therapist fights darkness and seeks illumination, while romantic love is sustained by mystery and crumbles upon inspection. I hate to be love's executioner"


Jean said...

Great stuff you've got posted here.
Kept me reading and listening!
I wanted to let you know about Jean Parlette (it's a bit a promotional thing but I honestly believe you might like us), a band from the Netherlands.
A bit like Tunng and the Nowtist. We recieved some great reviews in our country and hope to get the word out there. Hopefully you have a minute to check us out at www.myspace.com/jeanparlette.

See you soon!