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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I do not exist. I donot exist. Ido notexist. Idonotexist.

I fell in love with a band. I fell in love once and almost completely. Well... actually I didn't only fall in love once, it happens to me every now and then. The remarkable thing in this case, however, is that we're talking about a post-hardcore band ('Say what?' Post-hardcore, apparently, although they're quite difficult to classify as a specific genre). Even weirder than that, they have some seriously God-praising lines here and there, since some of them are very religious (which usually means losing plenty of points in my book). To add insult to the injury, they've been around since, like, 2001 and have managed to elude my musical radar for about seven years. I'm talking about mewithoutYou, Pennsylvania-based band known for singer Aaron Weiss' distinct vocals (imagine a more indie version of Corey Taylor's voice - he can talk or sing or shout and sound just as amazing) and their deep and intricate lyrics. How come a band like that has the audacity to enter my top played last.fm artists after only three weeks of listening to them, when it takes most bands months and months and months? It's a mystery to me.

...Now it so happens that I mostly listen to mewithoutyou on the bus, on my way home from college and I think these following tracks are my favorites. I think that because every time they pop up on my mp3 player I shift nervously in my seat, wondering if the people sitting next to me have noticed that I'm getting the chills or that my hair is practically standing up on end or that I'm trying really hard to fight the sudden and overwhelming impulse to face them and give them a big, idiotic and soppy grin :)

In a Sweater Poorly Knit (Tip: best heard on headphones!)
A Glass Can Only Spill What It Contains
Nice and Blue (Pt. 2)
(all three taken from what is, in my opinion, their best album to date)


baristatarianary said...

i cant explain my absolute love for this band. i have heard some of their other albums when i went through a hardcore phase a few years past. but after listening to Brother Sister beginning to end I was obsessed I looked up all the lyrics to all the songs and then was curious to find other poetry Weiss had written. Seeing them live takes it to a whole new level. They have long since and continue to surpass my expectations of what a top ten band should produce

sa colometa said...

I absolutely adore mewithoutyou, and of their newer songs those are also my favorite. Thank you for posting these! I love this blog far too much.

Eliza K. said...

Far too much?? There's no such thing! It's never too much :)