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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Experiment #0361: Part 2 (The sound of one hand clapping)

Excepter - Entrance (Dept Dept, 2008)
Excepter - Kill People (Dept Dept, 2008)
[their first release on Animal Collective's Paw Tracks label]
[obviously for many of you out there I don't need to say more than this]
[but the thing is I'm not a fan of Animal Collective]
[however, judging from this album, I do appreciate their taste in music]

Cats in Paris - Foxes (Foxes/Terrapins, 2008)
[here's what they said:]
['we've all got shitloads of enthusiastic butterfly bubbles in our chests...and if science is anything to rely on, enthusiastic butterfly bubbles convert exothermically into awesome times and smiles']
[and they were right - awesome times and smiles, almost too many smiles, if you know what I mean]

Xiu Xiu - You Are pregnant You Are Dead (Women As Lovers, 2008)
['shoe shoe' are apparently named after the protagonist of Chinese film Tian Yu]
[I should see that]
[but I'm afraid of being disappointed]
[I mean, imagine a person Xiu Xiu!]
[he should be one of the most interesting men on Earth, non?]

Jonquil - Whistle Low (Lions, 2007)
Jonquil - The Weight of Lying on Your Back (Whistle Low, 2008)
[they claim to be influenced by red bricked buildings, nursery rhymes, mist, metal piping, the Romanian Taragot, Pedro Almodovar's films, Frida Kahlo, extreme dust, Buzz, the Baltic swing, drawings in biro and about a thousand other things that you can't possibly imagine how anyone could a) like at the same time b) combine and translate into music and c) retain in their memories for the time it takes to type into their myspace profile]
[but then again, they're from Oxford]

Buttonhead - Pyrenees Mountains (Weetabix Gygabite, 2007)
["bullets, wallets, moments, Dickens"]
["these were the four of the six NOT FOLK things that united the then deaf BUT NOT FOLK members of Buttonhead whilst raft-trapped aboard the bleeding cheeks of THE ANTIFOLKIEST OF ANTIFOLK Peckham, South East London"]
[I wonder what the other two NON-FOLK things were]
[anyway, they're offering their NON-FOLK demo Ep for free on myspace]
[now we all know that everyone who's giving anything for free is either very cool, very rich/famous (see: Radiohead, Coldplay) or very aware of the fact that they suck]
[well they're not famous and they don't suck one bit]
[plus they're NOT FOLK.]
[there. happy?]

Liars - It Fit When I Was a Kid Crystal Castles Remix (2007)
[Liars are probably only tagged as 'experimental' because no one can figure out exactly what they play]
[the fact that they shift their direction completely from album to album doesn't help either]
[I guess most experimental bands are thrown into that category for the same reason]
[it's much easier to do that than to try and describe exactly all the genres they combine]
[didn't I just devote two posts to experimental music?]


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