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Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Cover My Ass!" or "Amongst the thousands of idioms, proverbs and cliches that come with the word 'cover' I went and picked this one"

Some covers I'm really enjoying at the moment:


Anonymous said...

thank you, thank you, tank you!

Anonymous said...

I have loved the youtube video of the Page France song for a while now (and the original by Dylan for YEARS. Ive never found just an audio version....thank you so much!

Christine said...

Dear LHNA,

This post is the one that led me to you via The Hype Machine where I was pulled in by your Cure and Hot Chip covers. When I listened to some of the other songs in this post I was intrigued by your taste. I decided I needed to click on the link to your blog from The Hype Machine to read what you had to say. The images you post to your blog and the look and feel of it are pleasing to mine eyes. I have been exploring more of your site and I like what I see
Thank you for creating Letters Have No Arms!

Eliza K. said...

that almost sounds like we paid you to write that Christine :) thanks a lot & our anonymous readers too!