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Monday, May 12, 2008

Binoculars, butterfly nets and tell-tale ...er... hearts

**photo taken by Steven, in Paris, 2007**
Some song lyrics that have put a smile upon my face during the past week…
Giant Bear – Devil On the Wall (If you like: folk)
“There was blood on your wrist
And a bible on your reading list”
Slow Club – Slow Club Summer Shakedown (If you like: The Lisps if they were British; handclaps; summer songs)
“I’m looking for someone with binoculars so I don’t have to get so close because that’s when the most casualties arise”
Bishop Allen – Butterfly Nets (If you like: sweet female vocals; butterflies in or out of your stomach)
“Still surprised to catch you every time…
Armed with this small butterfly net only
I will face the world alone and never be lonely”
cLOUDDEAD – Pop Song (If you like: Why? or Odd Nosdam; anticon; experimental hip-hop)
“How can I be your lover when you sport a head of rubber?
Sucker... you can't take applause to bed with you.
I've got my own blood and a decent depression line.
…And then we say "fuck" in our pop song.”
Kanye West – Homecoming ft. Chris Martin (If you like: Kanye West)
“I met this girl when I was three years old
And what I loved most she had so much soul
She said ‘excuse me little homie, I know you don’t know me but
My name is Wendy and I like to blow trees’ ”
Joan of Arc – A Tell-Tale Penis (If you like: literary references; Owls; weird relationships; melancholy)
“You can end things with your boyfriend
I'll quit chasing you around
But how long will the echo of the tell-tale penis sound?”
And speaking of tell-tale things, if you're a fan of Poe, be sure to watch the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G UPA 1953 animated short based on A Tell-Tale Heart! (or else, download and listen to the short story - yes, on mp3 because we're computer geeks)